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Want to make an apron like Molly?

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Everyone loves the "Molly" apron that I invented about eight years ago. I wanted an apron with a towel attached to wipe your hands while cooking, so, I made it up. We sell them here at the Barn to non-sewists, and decide it was time to share the knowledge with our loyal customers.

Ready, set go.


Front of apron: 1 1/8 yards of fabric. (44" wide)

Back of apron: 7/8 yards of fabric. (44" wide)

Ribbon: 7/8 " ribbon, 3 yards, 1/4" ribbon, 1/4 yard.

Seam allowance are 1/2".

Cut two rectangles for the front and the back of the apron on the fold measuring 11" from the fold line and 29" in length.

Layer the apron top onto of the backside of the apron, lining edges and folds together nicely. Make a template for the arm curve, 5" across and 9" down, now draw a nice sloped curve as shown in the photograph. Lay on top and cut through all layers. You now have your apron back and front fully cut and exactly the same size.

Now to cut out the pocket! Cut two rectangles 10" tall and 13 1/2" wide. This is the front and the backside of the pocket. Cut two 4 1/2" pieces of 1/4" ribbon and fold in half and pin at each corner, 3/4" from the raw edge. See photo. Now stitch in place.


Next we will place the other pocket rectangle, right sides facing on top of the pocket with the ribbons. Pin all around and stitch all around pivoting at the corners, leaving a 4" opening at the bottom center of the pocket. Clip your four corners and turn right side out, poking corners and press the opening even with the rest of the pocket. Make a nice neat rectangle. 

Fold the pocket in half to find the center, press lightly and now lay on tope of the apron front. Match up on the fold and place pocket 4 1/2 " from the bottom raw edge. Pin and stitch in place, starting just before the ribbon on the upper right hand side, stitch the ribbon on place pointing downward. Continue along ending just after the ribbon on the upper left hand side, stitching that ribbon in place just the same way as the other. This is what will be the loop for the buttons on the wash cloth! Smart, right?

See close up view above, remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam, securing those pesky ribbons in place. Now for the ribbon ties. Cut two ties 40" long each. Cut the neck loop 21" long. Now take the two waist ties and pin in place 3/4" down from the arm curve. Tack in place with a few stitches.

Ready? Now place the backside of the apron, right sides facing and pin all around LEAVING the top of the apron OPEN. Stitch all around, back stitching at beginning and end of each seam. Take out pins, clip curves and corners to reduce bulk and press well. Press the top open under about a half inch, making a nice straight clean press.

Lastly, topstitch the pressed opening placing the neck loop in at the beginning and end as shown in finished apron. 

Hem the raw edges of the two long ribbon ties, so that they do not fray. Grab a matching wash cloth at your local bargain store and sew a button on each side, right and left. Button on by pulling the ribbon loops over the boon, tug a little down ward to set in place.

Now go bake something, will you?

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